GR 20 - Corsica

This is a description of my trek in Corsica along the GR20. The GR20 is known as one of the toughest treks in Europe. The challenge is reworded with beautiful landscape and interesting Geology

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Location: Ziochron-Yacov, Israel

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Last morning in the forest

After spending my entire daily budget on a good meal, after watching France beating Portugal in the world cup, I go to sleep in my hammock in the forest. When I wake up I find a lovely place full of shade and water.

An hour later I leave paradise and start the long way home Posted by Picasa

The english Cascades

Going down toward vizavon we are back to the water and the beautiful forest. Althogh the late hour I can't stop my self from yet another swim. Posted by Picasa

My Zula

Here I swim and relax before going down. Give my muscles heat to the freezing water; eat some granola and go to swim.

It's a great canyon a bit far from the GR, so in order not to shock the religious watchers and don't show you me with my 100% natural made swimming costume.... Posted by Picasa

The last valley and beyond

Tomorrow, I will take a train trough this valley to the see and then the boat home, but meanwhile I can watch the mountains behind that I will leave for the next time.... Posted by Picasa

Mount Doro

And this is how I climbed it, through all these steep and crumply rocks. Posted by Picasa

This is where I came from

Do you see the little dent on the horizon, just behind the last mountain range. On this mountain I climbed 3 days ago. Posted by Picasa

Corsican goats

so guess who is making the cheese that the guardians in the refuge sell for 8 Euros a piece? Posted by Picasa

On the last mountain

Leaving my bag behind, I climbed the highest peak in the end of the trail.I could see most of what I did in the last few days and all what I won't have time to explore in this trek Posted by Picasa

before saying goodbye in the last hut

I had to catch up a day (to get back to the boat on time).
The Englishmen had to shorten in order to catch a plane from Bastia
and the Belges had too much time so they could rest in the sun.

Time to go alone for the last day Posted by Picasa

מחזור יוני 2006

Two Englishmenone Belge with his daughterand one crazy Israeligot together through the Granite Mountains Posted by Picasa

blue flowers

blue flowers that smells really good Posted by Picasa

Flowers in the creek

More yellow flowers in the creek Posted by Picasa

Flowers in the creeks

White Nurit Corsicanit? Posted by Picasa

Little village in the mountains

The GR never reach such big villages (in low altitude) but still we have a glimpse of the Corsican urban life Posted by Picasa

How many rebels could hide in this valley?

How many rebels could hide in this unnamed creek? Look at the forest in the lower part of it, it could be great for a rainbow gathering or just to hide in peace. Posted by Picasa

Around the "circque"

After I climbed down throgh the cracks (see the hikers in the background). I go on via a twisting trail.
It seems the ones that come from Corte along the lakes have a wonderful time, we have to circle the mountain and then to climb. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, July 08, 2006

The glacial lakes

blue and cold they are bellow me Posted by Picasa

Corsica air force 1

In the middle of the mountains, full of sweat and dirt, guess who comes?It's not the helicopter to rescue me.
It brought with him a crew of TV to film us. So "plugat hachapshim" got a nice looking blond TV girl staking a camera in our face filming us arriving to the refuge. Posted by Picasa

יש סוסים שמדברים קורסיקנית

The white granite valleys are greener and contain many lakes.In Lake Nino I could see some grazing horses Posted by Picasa

On the trail

Climbing to the "white granite" mountains give me great view of the forests I leave behind Posted by Picasa

Valley between red and white granite mountains

Crossing between the red and white granite mountains makes a nice valley with lots of shade in the deep forest and a lousy hotel with good food Posted by Picasa

Sming in the "Vascs"

What's better then finding a "vask" (pool of water - in french) in the middle of a hot day?

correct, finding another one.... Posted by Picasa

לוענית קורסיקנית

I liked very much this flower.
It looked to me from the "Loanitiyim" family but don't ask more.... Posted by Picasa

מנוחת הלוחם

After a long hiking day, An expensive coke for 3 euros, I sit and relax the long after noon Posted by Picasa

a refuge

in places like this I spend my nights.
A bunk bed, a small kitchen and some snoring friends.... Posted by Picasa